„Nothing nurtures the health of spiritual life better than authentic thinking.” (Rudolf Steiner)

Massage is an ancient form of healing, a treatment that rejuvenates different locomotor muscles that can cause internal problems, and helps to prevent these issues. Several thousands of years ago in China massage was used to help healing. The beneficial effects of massage were known by ancient man and is needed in today’s lifestyle of stress and lack of exercise. Nowadays people over strain themselves, lifestyle has become quicker and people have much less time to balance their physical and spiritual lives. Regular massage can protect a persons health and can prevent sicknesses.

However, though massage has a wide spectrum of benefits, it is not meant to cure acute or chronic illnesses. We therefore do not cure illnesses but help to prevent it without any damaging side-effects, and help make you feel good.

Our clients who visit us can enjoy our massages in peaceful, ambient surroundings.

Come to us and pamper yourself!