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Father and son work towards furthering the cause of healing people

Tibor Horváth

Richárd Horváth

My name is Tibor Horváth and I was born in Keszthely on 14 January 1969. My first work place was the Government Thermal Bath Hospital in Héviz in 1987 where I began by preparing mud baths with the intention of one day becoming a masseur. At that time training for massuers was conducted once every four years and I worked for nearly two years before I succeeded in securing my basic masseur training. In 1991 I served in the army at Nagykanizsa and following my discharge from the army I came back to the Government Thermal Bath Hospital in Héviz as a masseur. I liked my work and wanted to widen my knowledge of my profession.

I was more and more interested in muscular emendation, besides massage, and with this in mind undertook the following courses:

  • 1992 – Training in Therapeutic Massage
  • 1995 – Foot Refloxology exam
  • 1996 – High School Graduation
  • 1998 – Got to know about YUMEIHO® – therapy and in 2001 secured my official Level 1 certification, which is equivalent to a Meridian Massage certification
  • 2002 – Level II Examination, where I learned muscular emendation techniques with which certain blocks can be dissolved making the meridian massage more efective
  • 2003 – Level III Examination or „Master Level”, which certifies ability to independantly undertake therapy
  • 2003 – Sport massage training and certification
  • 2006 – Official YUMEIHO® – therapy, Level 1 trainer certification
  • 2007 – Training and examination for Reiki I & II
  • 2009 – Training and examination in Thai massage
  • In the last two years I have attended sessions by Dr. Géza Nagy, neurologist, osteopath and physiotherapist to understand more about the body and illnesses
  • I continue to attend sessions by Dr. Mária Kővári x-ray specialist whose work in understanding illnesses is well recognised and who assists in understanding in detail the results of x-rays

The result of all this learning is a development of my own natural therapeutic massage that helps in the prophylactic treatment that is possible and/or needed for those seeking to be healed.
This is my approach and in keeping with my training and certification, I adhere to and follow YUMEIHO® – therapy

YUMEIHO® – therapy has been known in the world since over 30 years and in Hungary it has been known since 1990. Master Masayuki Saionji (1943-2005), keeping in mind Chinese and Japanese medical techniques, developed and worked with this technique that incorporates the following three healing methods:

  • different techniques of massage
  • basic Chiropractic elements (restitution of bones and muscles)
  • acupressure

Master Masayuki Saionji developed the technique of squeeze-massage of the pelvic area. Since the pelvis is towards the centre point of a person’s body it largely influences our symmetry and posture. A possible change in the pelvic position affects the proper body position possibly causing painful spinal blocks and resulting in various kinds of pain in the legs making it difficult to walk.

I have learned from the Director of Sensitive Ltd., Budapest, Laszlo Basch – Orthopaedic Shoemaker and technician how to electronically map the pressure of the foot, evaluation of photos of the foot and how to make medical insoles for shoes.

In the last few years I have been working with my son, Richard Horvath who in continuation of his middle school level studies has completed his training in massage and Level III Examination or „Master Level”, which certifies ability to independently undertake YUMEIHO® – therapy.

We welcome all those seeking to be healed and persons suffering from locomotor disorders for the following therapeutic treatments: