Our therapies

What is YUMEIHO® therapy?

The first session begins with an assessment of the condition on the basis of which we determine the most effective, personalised therapy. The most important aim of a YUMEIHO® massage is to bring the internal body back into balance and symmetry, to channelise the harmonious energy to initiate proper blood circulation, to stimulate the power of self healing and to achieve a stretching-relaxation of the muscles.
YUMEIHO® – therapy has been known in the world since over 30 years and in Hungary it has been known since 1990. Master Masayuki Saionji (1943-2005), keeping in mind Chinese and Japanese medical techniques, developed and worked with this technique that incorporates the following three healing methods:

  • different techniques of massage
  • basic Chiropractic elements (restitution of bones and muscles)
  • acupressure

Master Masayuki Saionji developed the technique of squeeze-massage of the pelvic area. Since the pelvis is towards the centre point of a person’s body it largely influences our symmetry and posture. A possible change in the pelvic position affects the proper body position possibly causing painful spinal blocks and resulting in various kinds of pain in the legs making it difficult to walk.

The treatment process and effects:

The treatment takes place in massage clothes or in your own comfortable clothes on the floor on a mattress or flexible sponge mat. The massage technique: a deep squeezing, massage of the muscles and joints. The acupressure points are used to stimulate internal self-healing processes. Relieves muscle spasms, stimulates the life force (chi) flow, to restore the harmony of body processes.


  • certain spinal injuries, problems with the locomotor disorders
  • rheumatic and nervous system problems
  • blood pressure problems
  • prevention of joint disorders: joint pains, throbbing pain, humming in the ears, headache, dizziness, sleep and memory disorders, infertility problems
  • rehabilitation: after surgery, broken bones, deterioration of joints, sports injuries, muscle atrophy, stroke, birth issues can be treated with hight success
  • stomach problems
  • constipation
  • menstrual problems


  • contagious diseases
  • open wounds or those difficult to heal
  • fever, serious colds
  • nursing mothers
  • hampered respiration
  • oxygen therapy
  • allergies or epilepsy fits
  • III-stage tumours
  • thrombosis/ gout/ vasculitis
  • pregnancy after the 6th month
  • below 6 years of age
  • Fungous infections on limbs (except if proper hygiene is followed)
  • After heart operations or in case a pacemaker is used

In case of any illness that is not listed above, this must be disclosed as the therapy may be modified accordingly.

Treatment time: 50 minutes
Suggested frequency: Depending on actual condition (1 x month prophylactic treatment or a course of 3 x week)

Thai massage

This is a massage based on traditions several hundred years old. It is an ancient, Far Eastern massage. Traditional Thai massage is given with clothes on without the use of oils or creams. Pressure is applied on acupressure points all over the body using different parts of the body. Masseurs use not only their hands but their knees and feet as well. It is an outstanding stress relieving, refreshing and regenerating massage. It relieves pain and tenseness and ensures a feeling of balance. The massage improves blood circulation, improves circulation of the lymph nodes and helps release toxins from the body in general.

Treatment time: 50 minutes
Suggested frequency: Depending on actual condition (1 x month prophylactic treatment or a course of 3 x week)

Therapeutic Massage

The therapeutic massage treats illnesses of certain parts of the body using Swedish massage techniques. A therapeutic massage may be part of a treatment suggested by a doctor. The massage draws out several positive effects from our bodies, depending also on which areas the massage is focussed, which grip is used. Muscle strain relief and muscle spasm relaxation increases endorphins, improves the working of the lymph nodes, the blood supply to the lymphocytes thereby cleaning the body of toxins. It improves blood circulation in the body. Regular therapeutic massage relieves stress and helps in relaxing the body.

Treatment time: 25 or 50 minutes
Suggested frequency: Depending on actual condition (1 x month prophylactic treatment or a course of 3 x week)

Sport Massage

A sport massage is largely similar to the Western European basic Swedish massage techniques though it is much more intensive and strong. We recommend it for setting right physical conditions and for strength. The therapy uses strong rubbing, kneading and whacking movements mainly for the regeneration.of deep tissues. Besides having a relaxing effect it releases spasms and stiffness in the muscles and speeds up excretion of body toxins. It is recommended not just for sports persons but also for those whose work mainly involves sitting and for those who do physical work.

Treatment time: 25 or 50 minutes
Suggested frequency: Weekly 2x, 25 minutes warm-up, 50 minutes relaxation

Foot Massage

Reflexology has shown there is a relationship between specific points of the body’s organs and skin, which has been accepted in medicine as well. This relationship is most pronounced in the reflex zones on the feet. The relationship between the reflex zones and related areas is two-way: Abnormalities in the body sensitises and causes pain in the corresponding reflex zones. These painful points show the diseased areas of the body. This relationship can also be seen in the reverse direction, thus by massaging these painful points, self healing can be stimulated in these areas. This form of massage involves some pain that occurs only during the period of massage but later produces a pleasant sensation. A foot massage can effectively promote the body’s natural healing process.

Treatment time: 40 minutes
Suggested frequency: Every other day, Monthly 6x, 12x treatments

Honey – Chocolate Relaxation Massage

Honey and chocolate ingredients, fragrance and cream pamper the body, rehydrating the skin, reducing the typical signs of cellulite resulting in a slimming, body shaping effect.

Relaxing, soft massage strokes and aroma oil relaxes and soothes the body and soul. We suggest this massage primarily for those exposed to fatigue and increased stress or for those guests who simply want to be pampered.

Treatment time: 50 minutes
Suggested frequency: On demand